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Padded Bras : Do you know what makes you look flawless? A perfect bra. Usher with confidence with a padded bra that promises a smooth silhouette and no headlight effect under all your outfits. With foamed cups, you not only give a gorgeous round shape to your breasts but also pump up their volume. So, ladies, it...Read more

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Get Great Shape and Comfort with Padded Bras

Whether you want a good uplifted shape, make your breasts more even, or prevent nipple show, padded bras are a saviour. With foamed cups, they not only enhance the appearance of your breasts and give an attractive cleavage, but also provide the right fit in whatever you wear. So, if you want that extra boost and walk out in confidence, all you need is our comfy padded bras that provide the right look and support. Let’s dwell deeper in the world of padded bras below.

Benefits of Padded Bras

  • Pump up the volume: Since the cups are foamed, these bras give an instant boost to the volume of your breasts. They accentuate your breasts, so you can usher with confidence under every outfit.
  • Shape up: If you want that defined shape and curves, only a padded bra can help you. It gives a round shape to your breasts, resulting in an even silhouette. No matter how comfy your non-padded variant is, it can’t do justice to the shape like a padded one does.
  • No-show effect: No girl wants that headlight effect. Thanks to padded bras for hiding the nipples in the most easy way. As these bras are equipped with foams, you need not worry about the headlight effect in any way.

Types of Padded Bras

1. Heavy Padded Bras: Women who have small breast size and are seeking to add extra volume to their breasts should opt for heavy padded bras. They will help you get a more rounded and smooth silhouette, making your figure more curvy and gorgeous.

2. Lightly Padded Bras: No matter what your breast size is, you can buy these bras without any hitch. We have a plethora of lightly padded bras that keep your modesty protected without adding that unnecessary breast volume. They are a perfect pick for women who want to avoid nipple show without making the breasts look bulky.

3. Non-Wired: If you get uncomfortable with the poking of wires, this style is your thing. It keeps your modesty protected without compromising on comfort. Feel free to wear it underneath just about anything for utmost ease.

4. Underwired: If your breasts are semi-full or full, you may require the support of wires. Here, an underwired bra gives you a gentle lift and contours your breast shape like no other. It is specifically designed to keep your bust in shape and provide ample support.

5. T-Shirt: Deciding what to wear under very thin fabrics can be a difficult task. However, with our padded t-shirt bras, you can pull off all your body hugging outfits without any hitch. They give a smooth, rounded, and seamless look, keeping your modesty protected even under ultra-thin fabrics.

6. Sports: When it comes to working out, your bra needs to be super supportive. It should allow you utmost flexibility, but comfort at the same time as you don’t want any kind of constraint either in terms of fit or material. Apart from providing the best of these aspects, a padded sports bra also keeps your modesty protected, so that you don’t feel awkward in the gym or while running. It also reduces breast bounce and other movements.

7. Push Up: If you have always craved for an attractive cleavage, a push up padded bra is your perfect mate. It will lift your breasts and perk up the cleavage, giving an illusion of fuller and rounder breasts. Whether you are going for a date night or partying with your girl gang, this bra will make you look your sexiest self.

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8. Full Coverage: Like the name states, this style provides full coverage to your breasts, minimizing the chances of spillage. This is most ideal for women with bigger breast size who want adequate support, however, women of all sizes can wear them.

9. Strapless: Wearing a tube or off shoulder outfit? A strapless padded bra is your thing. With no shoulder straps, this style gives a neat look under your tricky outfits, so you don’t have to keep adjusting your straps and pull off the look with ease.

10. Silicone: These are specifically designed for the trickiest of your outfits. Whether you want to wear a super plunging neckline or a completely bare back top, a silicone bra will be your best accomplice. It simply sticks to your breasts, giving you the much needed support while letting you flaunt your outfit.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our padded bras today! And just in case padded bras isn’t what you’re looking at, we also have plethora of other bras in non-padded styles, such as balconette, racerback, & more in fabrics like cotton & lace to keep your #underfashion sorted. Explore our collection today!

Here, we have also enlisted some of the most commonly answered questions about padded bras, just in case you have a few doubts in your mind.


Q1. When should you wear a padded bra?
A1. A padded bra is a great option for anyone who wants a smooth silhouette underneath outfits. It gives your breasts an even shape and helps avoid nipple show.

Q2. Is it safe to wear a padded bra?
A2. Yes, as long as you’re wearing a good quality padded bra in breathable fabric, you are completely safe. Just make sure you’re buying one with the perfect size and fit.

Q3. How often should you wash a padded bra?
A3. Ideally, you should wash a padded bra after two uses. However, if you sweat a lot, you may need to wash it after every use.

Q4. Should you hand-wash or machine-wash a padded bra?
A4. The best idea is to hand-wash a padded bra for it helps retain its shape and the quality of cups. In case you don’t find it feasible enough, you can even machine wash it. Just be sure to use a laundry bag and maintain the right temperature of water.

Q5. How long does a padded bra last?
A5. You should replace your bra every 4-5 months. In case the bra doesn’t wear out, you can use it upto 6 months.

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Q6. What is the difference between a padded bra and a push up bra?
A6. The primary job of a padded bra is to conceal your nipples and give an even shape to your breasts. On the other hand, a push up bra’s job is to push your breasts towards the center, resulting in tremendous increase in cleavage. Padded bra has foaming in the cups while a push up bra also has foaming at the bottom to give an extra push.

Happy shopping!

Padded Bras Price List

  • Padded Bras


  • Lightly Padded Non-Wired Demi Cup Multiway T-shirt Bra in Navy - Cotton Rich

    ₹ 246

  • Padded Non-Wired T-Shirt Bra In Black

    ₹ 408

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  • Padded Non-Wired Full Cup Multiway T-shirt Bra in Baby Pink

    ₹ 570

  • Padded Underwired Full Cup Multiway T-shirt Bra in Red

    ₹ 570

  • Padded Underwired Demi Cup Strapless Balconette Bra in Wine Colour

    ₹ 408

  • Padded Non-Wired Full Coverage Multiway T-Shirt Bra In Black

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    ₹ 408

  • Cotton Padded Non-Wired T-Shirt Crossback Bra

    ₹ 408

  • Padded Non-Wired Full Cup Bra in Wine Colour - Lace

    ₹ 570

  • Padded Non-Wired Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra in Skin Colour - Cotton Rich

    ₹ 618

  • Padded Non-Wired Demi Cup Multiway Plunge Bralette in Black - Lace

    ₹ 408

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