How to Loosen Chacos | Strap Adjusting Guide for All (Updated 2021) | Outdoor Tools Review and Traveling Tips (2023)

Chaco is a shoe-making company located in Paonia, Colorado, which mainly produces sandals for men and women. These performance sandals are usually open-toe or closed-toe waterproof shoes with excellent strap design. Chaco sandals are elegant and lightweight flip-flops, generally more durable, designed for hikers and river runners.

How to Loosen Chacos | Strap Adjusting Guide for All (Updated 2021) | Outdoor Tools Review and Traveling Tips (1)

All Chacos designs allow you to keep your feet safe when outdoors, in wet or dry environments but sometimes you’ve to loosen chacos for your own comfort. More interestingly, Chaco products provide a lifetime warranty against defects. In this guide, I will teach you how to loosen chacos.

Furthermore, Chaco sandals are high-quality brands of popular men’s and women’s mountain sports shoes. Chacos comes with several customizable options, the first is an insole, and the second is a strap pattern. On the latest Chacos model, the company has turned to a sole that combines insole and strap style options but offers more strap options than ever.

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How to Adjust Chacos Sandals

Chaco sandals have curved arches and straps to secure the feet and provide you with the freedom and comfort of sandals without sacrificing support.

How to Loosen Chacos | Strap Adjusting Guide for All (Updated 2021) | Outdoor Tools Review and Traveling Tips (2)

Chaco sandals can be divided into two basic groups-sandals with rings around the big toe and sandals without rings. Regardless of the style, the trick to adjusting Chaco sandals is that the strap must be operated in a specific order. With a little practice, you will feel close but not too tight, and the Chaco sandals should feel comfortable and safe throughout the day.

If you have prepared your Chacos sandals and are ready to start an adventure, then you should master this adjustment technique. If you think you might need some help, don’t worry. Just carry this guide with you on your next outdoor adventure and learn how to loosen chacos. Highlighted below, you will find the most suitable way to do this without difficulty.

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How to Adjust Chacos Sandals with a Toe Loop

If your Chacos sandals come with a toe loop, the following steps would be needed for adjustment:

How to TightenChacos Sandals

After placing the foot in the Chacos, you can firstly pull the toe region from the inside portion of the Chacos. At this point, you will feel that the lower belt is tight. Next, you can pull the upper strap from the side closest to the toes. You can then move to the buckle belt and pull through the strap, closer to the foot’s inner part. The last step entails passing the strap along with the buckle, while pulling close to the outer part of the foot, and then fix it so that it fits perfectly. Now, you should be free to embark on your trip for the day.

How to Loosen Chacos | Strap Adjusting Guide for All (Updated 2021) | Outdoor Tools Review and Traveling Tips (3)

How to Loosen Chacos Sandals

For this, firstly loosen the buckle. Just pull it up in the opposing direction you use in its tightening, and you will find it starts to loosen. After that, you can continue to use the top part (that passes through the top part of the foot toward the toe ring). You can as well pull it out from the outside part.

Next is to tighten the strap meant for the toe. Go ahead and pull out the portion that’s closer to the outer part of the Chaco. Upon doing this, you can pull down the strap and pull through the portion closest to the sandals’ outer portion. With this, you can comfortably put them off or on.

How to Loosen Chacos | Strap Adjusting Guide for All (Updated 2021) | Outdoor Tools Review and Traveling Tips (4)

How to Adjust Chacos Sandals Without a Toe Loop (open toe)

If your Chacos sandals come without a toe loop (open toe), the following steps would be needed for adjustment:

How to Tighten Chacos Sandals Without a Toe Loop

If you desire help on how to tighten Chacos when you are putting on the sandals, pull the strap from the part which lies close to the toes. It would make the bottom strap tight on the sole, and you will feel it when pulling. You can then pull the strap through the part which lies close to your inner foot. To fix the loosen chacos to the feet, pull through the buckle strap located toward your outer foot and pass it between the buckle. After completing this operation, you are then free to move.

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How to Loosen Chacos Sandals Without a Toe Loop

Like Chacos with a toe ring, firstly, pull the strap on the buckle to make it lose, which is the opposite of the direction you use to tighten the strap ring. Then, pull the upper strap across the foot and pull it through the outer part.

Next, you pull the bottom strap up a second time through the part which lies close to the outer part of the sandals. Now, the Chacos ought to be quite loose enough to allow you to put it on and take off.

How to Loosen Chacos: More tips and information

Chacos itself provides an excellent guide for adjustment. If the strap after fixing the Chaco sandals is too long, or even drags the ground, please contact the company’s maintenance department. They can shorten it for a little cost. Chaco sandals also have two narrow straps extending from side to side. You can adjust them by pulling the straps in the right order at the same time.

Advantages of Chacos Sandals

Summer hiking requires sandals highly suitable for this purpose: your regular boots will be too hot, and lightweight sneakers don’t always have the technical footprint and foot comfort angle needed to cross wet, uneven terrain. At this time, loosen chacos sandals will free you for all hassles. More of its advantages include:

How to Loosen Chacos | Strap Adjusting Guide for All (Updated 2021) | Outdoor Tools Review and Traveling Tips (5)

It makes you sexy and fashionable

Usually, we all love having sandals that are different from other common design styles. The Chacos design is truly unique, so it brings you to brand new fashion shoes. The best part is that Chacos offers a variety of colors and shapes that can turn you into an adventurer or a hippie or anyone you desire to be.

Source of excellent support

Chacos provide excellent support. At first use, it may be challenging to wear it. However, all of us always know what happens when we try on new sandals or shoes. Once we get used to it, we can stand up all day without having any form of pain.

Merge in any environment

Chacos is perfect for spending a day anywhere, in any situation, or an upscale hotel. Yes, they are stylish enough not to embarrass you in high-end hotels. Also, Chacos is useful if you want to hike across the mountains. Of course, if you’re going to explore the city, it will be perfect for you. This is why many people like Chacos.

Let your feet breathe

When it comes to hot weather, many people usually distaste wearing socks because they always make them sweat, which we all want to avoid. Chacos allows you to have sturdy sandals, and if you decide to go hiking, it can easily let your feet breathe without making you uncomfortable.

Even underwater, they will reach the location you want

There are very few sandals that allow you to use them on any terrain, such as swimming, because it may give your feet an odor or cause harm. Chacos is designed to handle any type of landscape, so you don’t need to worry.

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Exquisite strap design will not hurt your feet

Chacos straps are made of sturdy fabrics and run through the sandals’ soles, so you can easily adjust the belt to fit your feet perfectly. Therefore, it can protect you from harm.


You may be fully aware that Chacos are quite expensive pairs of sandals, but they are highly durable. With it, you will never have to worry about replacing worn sandals due to its strength. It has a rubber sole, so it is challenging to wear, and it may be the most durable pair of sandals you may have as well.

Super comfortable

Chacos is much more convenient than you can imagine. When you move around in a hot area, you will feel delighted without sweating in your feet. If you need self-consolation from the torture of closed shoes, you can think of getting a Chacos sandal.

How to Loosen Chacos: FAQs

Do Chaco straps stretch out?

Chaco sandals are notoriously known for being uncomfortable, but the truth of the matter is that they’re quite comfortable. However, if you feel like your Chacos are too tight and need to be stretched out a bit, here’s what you can do: You can get them wet as soon as possible so that they soften up a bit. So try walking through a creek or crashing waves at the beach. Or wear them in the shower or use a garden hose on them!

How to Loosen Chacos | Strap Adjusting Guide for All (Updated 2021) | Outdoor Tools Review and Traveling Tips (6)

As far as the two straps going over your foot are concerned, they tie up in a knot at the back of that strap and then hook on to each other. This is done to adjust how tight their sandals feel around their feet by making adjustments with the knots. If you want them tighter or looser, loosen or tighten those knots accordingly!

If these tips don’t seem to be working for you, it might mean one (or many) of three things: either your Chacos have stretched out too much; something’s wrong with your size altogether, or maybe evens something else entirely like an allergic reaction. So if this doesn’t work for you right away, try again after a while. Next, wearyournew sandalsa fewhours a day over a week or two, and then you’ll know if they’re right for you or not.

How to Loosen Chacos | Strap Adjusting Guide for All (Updated 2021) | Outdoor Tools Review and Traveling Tips (7)

Also, make sure that your Chaco straps are always untied when you’re not wearing them! That way, the leather won’t stretch out too much from being constantly tied up in knots all day long.

And finally, before moving on to other models of sandals (or shoes), try adding a new strap across the top with some braided rope. This can help keep those stitches tight no matter what happens – even after six months of wear-and-tear. I bet these tricks will have those old Chacos feeling like new again in just about five minutes’ time!”

What do you do if your Chaco straps are too long?

When Chaco straps are too long, you can make them the right size by trimming off about an inch of excess strap and heat sealing the ends with a lighter. If that doesn’t work, take your shoes to a shoe repair store for professional help.

Are Chacos supposed to be tight?

The answer is up for debate, but the consensus appears to lean towards “snug.” There are a few reasons why. First of all, when you wear shoes that are too big, your feet will slip around inside of them and become uncomfortable.

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Shoes need to conform closely to our feet for us to maintain stability while walking. It also makes it easier for us to reach the ground if we have an injury on one foot or leg; this can often happen when climbing steep hillsides in rocky terrain. When you buy new shoes, always try them on first before wearing them out into the world!

After walking around in the shoes for a while, you may find that your feet start to slide forward within them. This usually happens when there is too much room at the front of the shoe, which can happen if they are not snug enough and has an overly wide toe box. Ideally, we want our toes lined up directly behind the shoe’s front edge.

How to Loosen Chacos | Strap Adjusting Guide for All (Updated 2021) | Outdoor Tools Review and Traveling Tips (8)

If your toes are bunched up at the front of the shoes, this means that they’re not tight enough, and you will want to size down or wear thicker socks so that there is less room in between your feet and shoes.

The material used for making these sandals can also play a vital role in the snugness of the shoes. The rubber in Chacos is a firm material, so it will tend to hold onto your feet more tightly than if you were wearing leather sandals, for example. This means that many people with wide feet find that they needn’t go up a size when buying these shoes because they can comfortably fit.

Why Chacos are the worst?

Chacos are uncomfortable. They’re heavy and hot; they make your feet smell, and the rubber soles wear out quickly. Chacos also take up a lot of space in your bag because their straps can’t be tucked away like those on sandals. Plus, wearing chacos makes you look uncool.

The shoe’s high price doesn’t justify its poor performance – it’s not durable or comfortable enough for anything other than walking short distances around town or hiking relatively flat terrain. When compared to less expensive alternatives such as Tevas (which have similar features), these shoes aren’t worth the money.”

How tight should Chaco straps be?

The tightness of the straps on a pair of Chaco shoes is an important consideration for comfort and safety. Chacos are designed to be strapped tightly around the foot, making them difficult to get in and out of. However, if they are too loose, you may encounter problems with stability while walking or performing other activities such as climbing. Working from the inside, pull the frontstrapup until thestrapcrosses the top of your foot, from instep to just behind your toes, until it issnug(labelled 1 in the diagram).

Are chacos better with or without the toe strap?

The toe strap is an important consideration when it comes to the safety and stability of a shoe. It can help prevent accidents while hiking, which is why many people opt to wear them with their chacos. However, some benefits come from not wearing the strap as well.

At first glance, you may think that chacos without the toe strap are less safe than those with it because they don’t have any protection for your feet if you start slipping or tripping on something in front of you. But this isn’t true at all! There are plenty of advantages to choosing shoes without straps over those with them and here are just a few:

  • Chacos with straps can be uncomfortable when you’re hiking for long periods. The strap will rub against your toes and the front of your heel, which can cause blisters if it happens often enough. This is especially an issue in hot weather or with tight chacos because they don’t have much room for air circulation.
  • You also run more risk of having problems with bunions by wearing Chaco shoes that are too narrow due to the toe strap stretching out the material past its original shape around your foot.
  • It’s not just about comfort either; without a toe strap, you won’t need to worry as much about getting dirt stuck between them while hiking on uneven terrain.
  • You’ll also have less risk of the strap coming undone, which can be a relief when you’re wearing your favourite pair and don’t want to get them dirty from caked-on mud.
  • The toe straps are very helpful for scrambling up steep sections because they give you extra grip with your toes in slippery terrain.

Some people like having their chacos strapped while others prefer not. It just depends on what type of hiker you are or how often it’s likely that you’ll use them!



In conclusion, finding suitable sandals for outdoor sports and water sports is often difficult. Although some products may be appropriate, they may not have the high durability you want. However, with excellent sandals such as Chaco’s, you can find the perfect combination of fit, comfort, and durability.

How to Loosen Chacos | Strap Adjusting Guide for All (Updated 2021) | Outdoor Tools Review and Traveling Tips (9)

With its safe and adjustable installation technology, Chacos is suitable for various water sports and outdoor activities. However, with its unique technology, it can be a little tricky to put on, you can easily loosen chacos and take them off. Therefore, we decided to summarize this guide to help you discover the best way to tighten and loosen chacos.

Thus, when taking a kayak or fishing trip, you can wear it more accurately and comfortably, and make full use of it. If you know someone who is having difficulty using the adjustment techniques or think other outdoor enthusiasts may find it interesting or helpful, you can also share this guide with them. Learn hoe to wear a backpack here


How do you loosen tight Chaco straps? ›

The idea behind the Chaco sandal is that once you find your perfect fit, they stay at your perfect fit. The straps sit very tightly in the foot bed and for whatever reason, they may snag or catch and get “stuck”. Squirting in the fabric softener will allow them to release.

How do you adjust a stuck Chaco? ›

How do I un-stick my Chacos? Mix together in a bucket 1 part water and 1 part unscented liquid fabric softener. Let the sandals soak overnight, then pull straight up on the straps where it comes out of the sandal. Be sure not to pull the straps at an unnatural angle, this can tear the footbed.

Are chacos fully adjustable? ›

Adjust Your

Chaco offers the industry's only sandal with a 360 degree customizable fit. Click below for a step-by-step guide to adjusting your straps.

Why are my Chacos uncomfortable? ›

Foot pain and Chaco sandals

It is imperative that you get the correct size, as most issues with Chaco sandals are from not wearing the right size or not breaking in properly. You can walk all day in Chacos and have a blister-free experience!

Are chacos supposed to be tight? ›

You should be able to get a finger under the strap across your foot. Move back to the middle inside strap (labeled 2 in the diagram). Gently pull it up until the whole front of the sandal is snug. Again you should be able to get a finger under both front straps, but they should not be loose.

Can you adjust the heel strap on chacos? ›

​For styles WITHOUT the toe loop

Loosen the buckle strap by tugging the outside portion of the strap. Open the strap that goes across the top of the foot near your toes by tugging the outside. Place your foot in the shoe. Pull heel-strap around heel.

Are chacos better with or without the toe strap? ›

The toe loops are worth it but take some getting used to! They are definitely more comfortable if you are going to be doing a lot of hiking/backpacking in your sandals. On steep inclines, I really notice the difference in how much less my foot slides around and how much more secure/stable my footing feels.

How should your foot fit in a Chaco? ›

How to know if you have the right fit in Chacos?
  1. Forefoot: There should be a little space in front of your toes but no more than 1 cm / 0.4 in. ...
  2. Underfoot: It should feel like the footbed cups the foot, aligning with the curvature of the arch comfortably.

How do you tell if your Chacos are medium or wide? ›

Chaco Women's Z1 Classic Sport Sandal

A dot then 7W then a dot after means 7 in Womens' in medium width. A dash then 7W then a dash after (like this: -7W- ) means 7 in Womens' in wide width. . 9M. Is mens' size 9 medium width, and -9M- is mens' size 9 wide width.

What is the drop on Chacos? ›

Our men's minimalist shoes offer low-profile protection and responsiveness in a variety of vibrant colors and 0-4mm drop designs, so you can experience the benefits of barefoot running in comfort and style.

Which is more comfortable Teva or Chaco? ›

I have fairly flat feet and found Tevas to be more comfortable than Chacos. The midsole is made from lightweight and flexible EVA foam, which feels cushioned and bouncy. Chacos have a high arch, with a thicker midsole at the heel than Tevas. If your feet have high arches, they'll be more comfortable in Chacos.

Are Chacos good for walking all day? ›

The soles won't wear down, they're easy to clean, and they are actually more comfortable than you think! I definitely wouldn't recommend big hiking days in these sandals, but long days of walking are generally fine.

What are the tips for Chacos? ›

Chacos aren't designed to be able to handle extreme heat, so don't put in the dish washer or in the dryer. Always hang dry your Chacos. Make sure that you wash off all of the soap before wearing them again so the soap doesn't affect the environment!

What does the W on the back of Chacos mean? ›

According to Chaco W means womens; M means men's. A = on the heel means wide width and a . means medium width.

Are Chaco sandals good for wide feet? ›

These Chacos are fantastic for my wide foot. The straps are proportionally longer for a wide foot so they are more adjustable. They do seem to run a bit long. I suggest ordering one size smaller.

Do Chacos run bigger or smaller? ›

According to our fit team this item is running true to size. If you wear a half size we recommend half sizes order up.

How do you tighten adjustable straps? ›

To tighten a bra strap, hold the slide adjuster in the fingers of one hand as you pull the back part of the strap away from the adjuster, moving it toward the bra cup. The closer the slide adjuster, the tighter the bra strap should become.

What can I do with old chacos? ›

Chaco makes the process easy: You simply send your old sandals to the ReChaco facility in Rockford, Michigan, where restoration specialists can replace the shoe's webbing, attach a new outsole, replace buckles and make other repairs.

Are chacos supposed to be big? ›

According to our fit team this item is running true to size. If you wear a half size we recommend half sizes order up.


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