Fossil Watch Repair Near Me [Locator Map + Repair Guide + FAQ] (2023)

Fossil Watch Repair Near Me [Locator Map + Repair Guide + FAQ] (1)

Fossil makes a good mid grade watch are known for their reliability. Like anything mechanical though, they will eventually need service or break need a repair. Local watch repair shops are great for quick fixes, but some repairs may require an authorized Fossil service center. Below we’ll discuss local repair shops, the Fossil warranty and the ins and outs of mailing your watch to a service center. I will also share how the Fossil watch repair near me works.

Map of Fossil Watch Repair Near Me

If you are looking for “Fossil Watch Repair Near Me”, see the map below…

For other watch repair shop options you visit Google Maps or try Yelp. Simply search for Fossil Watch Repair Near Me. Doing so should bring you up a listing of places within a reasonable mileage that can accommodate fixing your watch.

Unauthorized Fossil Watch Repair Shops

Local watch repair places and jewelers can handle Fossil watches with no problem. The issue is that they can’t honor the warranty and in fact may void the warranty when they work on it. Like most watch brands, Fossil specifically states in the warranty anyone other then an authorized Fossil technician who works on the watch voids the warranty. The only Fossil technicians work at their authorized service center.

So why would you get a jeweler or local watch repair shop to work on your timepiece then? Local shops are far more convenient, repairs are done faster, and you can speak to a technician in person. Some repairs may even get done the same day. The trouble of course is if the issue you have is covered under warranty, then you will be charged. That is because they are not an authorized service center. More information on authorized Fossil service centers below.

How Long is The Warranty on My Fossil Watch?

Of major brands, Fossil carries one of the shortest warranty periods…

(Video) Fossil Q Smart Watch Teardown - Repair Video!

Fossil provides a 1 year limited warranty from the original date of purchase. To have your watch covered under warranty you must use their service center and provide the original receipt showing date of purchase, model of the watch, and price.

The warranty only covers manufacturer defects and craftsmanship. Anything that is normal wear and tear is not covered. This means anything you may do to the watch to break it won’t be covered. Additionally the warranty also calls out that any unauthorized service to the watch voids the warranty.

Fossil Battery Replacement Near Me

When your Fossil watch battery has died it’s time to replace it. We recommend changing your battery every 1 to 3 years before it reaches end of life. If the battery dies in the watch it can leak fluid and cause damage inside.

A battery change service can be performed by a local repair shop or jeweler near you. You should note though that this will void the warranty on the watch if you are still under coverage. At the Fossil watch battery replacemnet near me, a battery costs about $8 to $10.Changing the battery on a Fossil watch looks like an easy enough task to perform on your own, but you should let a pro do it.

When you open your watch case you run the risk of damaging the internal mechanics and allowing dust into the back of the watch. If you were to try and do it, you need a watch holder, a case knife, mini screwdriver, and tweezers.

Here are some batteries compatible in many Fossil watches…

If your Fossil watch is water resistant then you should always have a professional change your battery out for you. When a pro replaces the battery on a water resistant watch they run it through a water resistance test after it is resealed. At the Fossil battery replacement near me, they check the gaskets as well to ensure they are keeping water out.

If you are not sure how the current battery translate to other brands, you can use this battery conversion chart here.

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Fossil Watch Crystal Replacement

The crystal is a clear hard material that resides between you and the dial and the hands of the watch. There are three different types of crystals acrylic, mineral glass, and sapphire. Many Fossil watches have acrylic which is an inexpensive fix compared to sapphire. The downside to acrylic is that is much easier to scratch when you bang it on something. A normal acrylic crystal replacement runs between $30 and $50. If you have a Fossil watch with a sapphire crystal is can cost between $80 and $150.

You technically can do a crystal swap on your own, but I recommend letting a pro do it.

Replacing the Band or Strap

Fossil watches can accommodate a variety of different bands and straps. These materials can be metal, leather, synthetic rubber, and other materials. Some Fossil watches have high end metal links which will cost more to replace. If you don’t need a full band replacement and just need links added or removed a local repair shop or jeweler can do that without effecting your warranty. Many bands and straps can be changed with the use of a spring pen, to pop it off the lugs.

Here are some straps compatible with Fossil timepieces…

Resizing for a Custom Fit

Watch resizing is one of the most requested services at repair and jewelry shops. This is the process of adding or removing links or putting more holes in a strap. On a metal band, you can often resize it yourself with a spring pen.

Most people who request this service on a Fossil are those that have gained or lost weight and want the watch to fit better. Getting is resized for a custom fit makes a watch look much nicer on your wrist. Also a properly fitting watch is more secure as to not fall off and get damaged.

Crown Damage

the crown is the knob that comes out your watch to wind it, change the date, or change settings. If you have a chrono watch you may have 3 crowns on it. When a crown gets damaged or bent, it can effect the stem inside the watch. If you need a crown replaced, you should have a pro do it. Newer models of Fossil’s will be easier to find a stem for. Older models may require a technician to have to search for used replacement parts.

Movement Repairs and Overhauls

The movement is the internal mechanism that makes a watch elegant. It is the heart and soul of the timepiece. If you should need a repair or an overhaul to the movement you should seek a professional to do it. Many Fossil watches, but not all, rely on a Quartz movement, some of which can be easily diagnosed here.

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Fossil watches are built pretty well for a low to mid grade timepiece and are notably durable. Finding parts on these watches for movement repairs isn’t too bad since the rely on fairly universal parts. Some models feature aChinese quartzmovements which is how they remain affordable. More recently Fossil started automatic movements

If you have an older or vintage Fossil watch from the 80’s or 90’s some parts can be difficult to find. Parts related to the movement can range from $20 to $100 depending on the model. A full overhaul of the movement can get more expensive when you add labor costs.

Fossil Watch Repair Near Me [Locator Map + Repair Guide + FAQ] (2)

Fossil Grant Sport Automatic

Mailing in Your Fossil Watch to a Service Center

If you’ve been looking for Fossil watch repair near me and not finding a reasonable solution, then mailing them your watch is your best alternative. Also the best option if you believe your watch repair is related to a manufacturers defect covered in the warranty.

What you need to know before you send your Fossil watch for repair:

You can send your Fossil watch back to them for repair in which case they can fix your watch and perform maintenance. The good part about having them perform your work is they can guarantee their work for a certain amount of time after its completed. If your watch is covered by warranty they will fix it at no cost, if not they will provide you an estimate for how much the repair will cost.

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When you send in your watch you should provide them with your contact information, email address, case back number, serial number, and a description of the problem. If you are covered under warranty you will need to provide your original receipt, that shows purchase date, watch model number, and price.

You can find warranty information and where to send your Fossil watch here. You will have to pay shipping and handling when you send your watch in for repair.

Tips Before Sending Your Watch in For Service

  • Be specific about your watch issues. Don’t just say its slow or not working. Tell them how slow it is or what may have caused it to stop working….like you dropped it.
  • Put a value on it and include it with your description. Even if you don’t know what the watch cost make an estimate on how much you think it is worth.
  • Insure the package with the replacement value when you send it
  • Make sure to include all your contact information
  • Pack the watch securely using adequate packing and bubble wrap
  • Follow all of the instructions on the Fossil site

Can you DIY Fossil Watch Repair?

Yes it is possible to fix your Fossil watch yourself, but it’s something we don’t advise. The thing about Fossil watches is that they only have a one year warranty so more than likely of you are having watch issues you are outside of warranty anyway. In that case you could try fixing basic issues yourself or find Fossil watch repair near me.

If you want to try fixing the problems yourself you could get some basic watch repair tools from Amazon.

Other Resources for Fossil Watch Repair Near Me

If you still need help after reading all of this you can try these helpful resources:

Popular Fossil Watch Models

When you bring your watch to the Fossil watch repair near me, they will undoubtbly ask you for the model. While there have been many awesome Fossil models over the years, here is a list of the most popular 20 according to Money inc…

  • Tech Nate Black Hybrid Smart Watch (aka the Q Nate Hybrid)
  • Grant Light Brown Leather Strap FS 5210
  • Dean Two-Tone Stainless steel FS4798
  • Defender Brown Leather Limited Edition Boxed Set
  • Q Tech Explorist Smoke Touchscreen Smart Watch
  • Forrester Two Tone Stainless Steel
  • Minimalist Brown Leather FS 5305
  • FB-01 Black Silicone FS5666OP
  • Fossil l Townsman Chronograph Amber Leather Watch
  • Minimalist Slim
  • Machine 3-Hand Date
  • Limited Edition Curator Series Chronograph
  • Neutra Chronograph Smoke Stainless Steel Watch
  • Bowman Chronograph Black Stainless Steel Watch
  • Grant Automatic Blue Leather Watch
  • Grant Sport Automatic Black Leather Watch
  • Neutra Chronograph FS5380P
  • The Men’s Grant Roman Watch
  • Men’s Black IP Stainless Steel Watch
  • Men’s CH2565 Cuff Chronograph Tan Leather Watch

Fossil Watch Repair Near Me Conclusion

Fossil is a great company with a tradition of making quality timepieces. I find they make a great mid grade watch. I find them to have good craftsmanship, feel like quality on the wrist, and last a long time. They also have subsidiaries such as Michael Kors, BMW, Skagen, DKNY, Kate Spade, Michele, Misfit, Relic, Zodiac, and Diesel to name a few. If you need a repair on a Fossil or one of their sub brands, you mostly need to consider the warranty. Do you need an authorized repair or is an unauthorized repair ok for you. With the warranty only being one year, it may not matter all that much. This is what I have learned from the Fossil watch repair near me.


How do I fix my Fossil watch that wont work? ›

If your watch has stopped working: For a traditional watch, try changing the battery. For a hybrid smartwatch, try changing the battery. For a touchscreen smartwatch, try resetting the watch.

Are Fossil watches repairable? ›

To have your watch repaired, you will need to create a repair request online on our repair website. During this process, you will receive an estimated cost, warranty details, and instructions for how and where to ship your watch into our service center.

How do I get my Fossil watch to work? ›

STEP 1: On your phone, download the Fossil Smartwatches app. STEP 2: Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is on and the device has power. You can do this by making sure the watch vibrates when you press one of the buttons. STEP 3: Follow the instructions in the app to set up an account and pair your device.

How do I check my Fossil repair status? ›

Contact Us
  2. 0008009190951. For Order related queries : (Order Status, Return, Refund & General queries) Tel: 0008009190951. Email: ...
  3. For After Sales Service Queries : (Product Service, Warranty Claim) Tel: 0008009190951. Email: ...

How do you force start a fossil smartwatch? ›

Restart through your watch's settings
  1. If your screen is dim, tap it to wake up the watch.
  2. Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  3. Tap Settings. System. If you don't see it right away, swipe left and tap Settings .
  4. Scroll down and tap Restart .

How do you reset a Fossil watch? ›

You can also restart the device by doing the following:
  1. Press the. Power / Home button. .
  2. Navigate: Settings. System. .
  3. Tap. Restart. .
  4. From the 'Restart, Are you sure?' screen, tap the. Done icon. to confirm. To cancel, tap the. Cancel icon. .

Does Fossil have lifetime warranty? ›

Our limited warranty covers defects in material or workmanship up to one year from date of purchase. Click here to learn more.

Can I exchange my old fossil watch? ›

The only way to make an exchange is by visiting a Fossil retail or outlet store near you.

How much does it cost to replace watch glass? ›

The cost for a watch crystal has based on the brand, the type of crystal being replaced, size, and repair service being used. On average, the fees can range from $30 for an acrylic crystal up to more than $150 for a sapphire crystal.

How do you take the battery out of a Fossil watch? ›

How to change the battery of a Fossil ES3274 analog watch - YouTube

Why is my watch not winding? ›

Loosened screws

This is one of the most common reasons why mechanical watches stop working. A loosened screw can block the watch's movement. Regular motion of the hands can also loosen the screws of your mechanical watch. Over a period of time, they will need to be tightened up properly.

How do I fix my automatic watch not moving? ›

If you think that your automatic watch stopped, check the timepiece first since it might just be experiencing a temporary halt due to inactivity. You can gently swing it off and see if it will function again. Also, you can try winding the watch for a few times to check if it works again.

Why is my Fossil watch not turning on? ›

Long Restart your Fossil smartwatch

Press and hold down the crown (middle button) until the watch vibrates (may take 30-60 seconds.) After vibrating, release the button and wait to see if your watch turns on.

What is item number in Fossil watch? ›

You can find the item numbers (skus) for the following products in the locations listed: Watches - located on back of watch (i.e. ES1234) Bags - located on price tag from purchase (i.e. ZB7482994)

How do I find my Fossil serial number? ›

How to Check Serial Number on FOSSIL Hybrid HR – Verify SN Info

How do I reboot my smartwatch? ›

If your smartwatch is slow or freezes, it might help to restart it. Press and hold the Side key. Press and drag the restart icon right.

How do I factory reset my fossil smartwatch? ›

How to Factory Reset FOSSIL Q Wander – Restore Defaults / Wipe ...

Why is my Fossil watch not charging? ›

Article Details

Make sure the charger pins align with the caseback grooves. Verify watch is seated snugly on charger with no gap. Verify nothing is between charger and device, i.e. no dust, tape, etc. Make sure the charger is getting power.

How do I reset my smartwatch without a password? ›

I forgot the passcode I set to my Smartwatch and am locked out. How do I fix this?
  1. Enter an invalid passcode 3 times in a row. ...
  2. Enter an invalid passcode again, another 3 times in a row. ...
  3. Enter an invalid passcode for the last time, another 3 times in a row. ...
  4. The watch will produce a pop-up card prompting a Factory Reset.

How do you charge a fossil smart watch without a charger? ›

One of the most common questions for smartwatch users is, "How can I charge my smartwatch without a charger?" The answer is quite simple. Just connect your smartwatch to a USB power source and insert the two gold pins that extend from the watch's band into the USB port.

How do you calibrate a Fossil watch? ›

Article Details
  1. Go into the Fossil Smartwatches app.
  2. Tap the watch icon in the top right corner of the app.
  3. Swipe up to show more details of your active watch.
  4. Tap Calibration.
  5. In your phone, use the buttons to move the hour hand on your watch to point up (like in the picture in your app)
  6. Tap Next.
27 Jul 2021

Why is my Fossil watch not turning on? ›

Don't panic if your Fossil Watch does not turn on without any course because it is frozen or the battery power is completely depleted. Besides, your Fossil Watch may not turn on due to physical damage, and the power button is not working, not using its original charging cable and adapter, or unclean charging ports.

How do I fix my automatic watch not moving? ›

To fix this issue, we advise a professional watchmaker to remove the screws from your watch's mechanism. Then reintroduces simultaneously your watch screws, taking care to properly tighten them. Once you do that, you can reinstate the movement of your watch.

Why is my smartwatch screen not working? ›

Check that the screen is clean and free of dust. Consider the temperature where you are trying to use the watch. Sometimes if the device gets too cold or too hot, the touchscreen can be glitchy. Cold fingers often don't work well on touch screens, so warm up and then try again.

Can you replace the battery in a fossil smartwatch? ›

Maybe you've gotten a notification from the Fossil smartwatch app that let you know your battery is running low. Here's how to make sure you buy the right battery replacement for your watch —and that you install it correctly or visit your local Fossil store, where you can get your battery changed while you shop.

Why is my Fossil watch face blank? ›

Your Dial Info may be turned off. Press the middle button to access watch menu. Select the gear icon to access the watch settings, then find the Dial Info to turn off and on. It may be too long since you've opened the app.

How do you change a battery in a Fossil watch? ›

How to change the battery of a Fossil ES3274 analog watch - YouTube

How do you know Fossil watch is charging? ›

How can I tell when my Smart watch is charging? A lightning bolt will be visible on the watch screen. Additionally, a circle indicator will appear on the screen show the percentage of charge.

What causes automatic watch stop? ›

Why does my automatic watch stop at night or run down in less time than the stated Power Reserve? It is likely because you're not wearing or winding the watch enough. Automatic watches gain power from manually winding it, or from the automatic winding that occurs from your motion while you are active while wearing it.

How do I get my watch to start ticking again? ›

How to correctly wind your automatic watch - YouTube

Can automatic watch be repaired? ›

One of the most common questions asked by vintage collectors or new watch wearers is, “Can any watch be repaired?” The answer is almost always yes, any watch can be repaired, no matter if it is glass or crystal, vintage or modern, automatic, or manual.

How do you fix a black screen on a smart watch? ›

If the battery percentage is greater than 20 – 25% and your watch shows a black screen or is not responsive to the touch, a soft reset helps fix this issue. Once the watch is powered off, press and hold the Power button until the Samsung Galaxy logo appears, then release the button.

Can screen of smart watch be replaced? ›

If the outer glass of your watch is damaged, the display can still show, you can buy it to replace it.

How do you unfreeze a smartwatch? ›

Fitbit Sense: Frozen or Unresponsive or Can't Reboot? Easy Fix! - YouTube

How much does it cost to replace fossil watch battery? ›

How much does it cost to replace a Fossil Watch Battery? These small button batteries are very inexpensive, most of these can be bought on Amazon for under $5. Obviously, if you take it to a shop they charge you at least $25 for this service.

Do all Fossil watches use the same battery? ›

The most accurate answer is that "it depends". Fossil watches take a few different size batteries depending on the model of watch. The only way to tell for sure is to open the watch up (see our how to change a fossil watch battery guide) to see how to open a Fossil watch and see the battery type.

How do you take the back off of a fossil watch without the notches? ›

How to Open a Snap Off Watch Back - YouTube


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