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Your eyes are the most beautiful part of your face, and that is why, you do not always want to hide them behind a pair of spectacles. That is where contact lenses provide you with the best solution. They enable you to enjoy clear vision and at the same time, show your pair of eyes to the world around. Besides that, wearing contact lenses also provides you with a peripheral view, thus enabling you to enjoy a wider field of vision.

Best Lens For Eyes

There are several types of eye lenses that are available nowadays for you to choose from. They are mainly categorized based on eye lens material and wearability time. On the basis of material, you can select soft contacts or rigid gas permeable lenses. Both of them are suitable for different cases. Based on wearability, there are disposable contacts and extended wear eye lenses. There are also coloured eye lenses which help you in flaunting a different look, which comes with both power and non-power versions.

Best Contact Lenses in India

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Due to an increase in the number of people who now wear eye lenses, severalbest eye lensesbrands are now available in India. We at Titan Eye+ bring together some of the best brands likeBausch and Lomb, Acuvue and Freshlook to help you choose the most suitable pair of lenses for your eyes. Whether you want to buy the best eye lenses for cosmetic reasons or vision correction purpose, choose a reliable brand to not compromise on your eye health.

Types Of Contact Lenses

  • Soft Contact Lenses

Softcontact lenses for eyesightare made of flexible plastics using the latest optical technology. They allow more passage of oxygen through to the cornea and prove useful in correcting eye conditions such as Myopia, Hyperopia and Presbyopia.

  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses

Made of durable plastics, these give a sharper vision as compared to soft contact lenses. They provide a rigid fit, and thepower of the eye lensproves right for those with astigmatism or eye conditions such as lack of sharp vision or irregularity of eyeball shape.

  • Disposable Contact Lenses

Disposable contact lenses can be frequently disposed of or replaced after one or a few uses. Based on this, they may be referred to as dailies or monthlies. Usually, soft lenses come in the form of disposable ones.

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  • Extended Wear Contact Lenses

Extended wear lenses are made out of silicone hydrogel, and allow more oxygen to reach the eye’s surface than that traditional soft lenses. That is why they are exceptionally breathable and safe for extended use.

  • Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses act as a cosmetic or an accessory that helps enhance the overall look. They are available both with and without power.

FAQs On Contact Lenses

  1. Is it good to wear contact lenses?

Yes, wearing contact lenses is good as well as safe as it offers several benefits such as vision correction, wider field of view and no obstructions. It is especially a good option for those who do not want to wear spectacles all the time. However, it is crucial to follow the right practices to get the best out of contact lenses.

  1. Which contact lens is best?

You should choose the best eye lenses for yourself based on your eye condition and your doctor’s advice. In general, the bestcontact lenses brands in Indiaoffer the following :

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  1. Bausch & Lomb Soflens 59 Contact Lenses
  2. Freshlook One-Day Color Pure Hazel Powerless
  3. Soft Eye Diamond Eye 3 Pair
  4. Bausch & Lomb Optima38 Contact Lens
  5. Clear Contact Lens Monthly Power
  6. Acuvue 1 Day Moist Daily Contact Lens
  7. Crystal Eye Monthly Contact Lens with Multi Plus Solution
  1. Are contact lenses better than glasses?

Most people choose contact lenses over glasses to avoid the bespectacled look. Other than that, contact lenses provide several benefits over glasses such as broader peripheral view, less vision distortion and no obstruction while engaging in activities. Also, coloured contact lenses help in adding a fashionable touch to an outfit or look.

  1. Does wearing contacts improve your vision?

Yes,contact lenses for eyesightprovide clear vision because they sit close to the eyes and minimize distortions. Also, they offer a wider field of vision, unlike glasses which limit peripheral views.

  1. Do contact lenses expire?

Yes, contact lenses expire with time. Due to wear and tear, and contamination, even the best eye lens can lead to infections and irritation. That is why all contact lenses have a printed expiry date.

  1. How many hours a day can you wear contact lenses?

Generally, it is recommended that you wear contact lenses for a maximum of 10-12 hours per day. Wearing lenses for longer may cause discomfort to your eyes and lead to redness or infection. Also, it is best to consult your optician to know what is best in your case.

  1. Which type of contact lenses are best?

The type of contact lenses which will prove to be best for you will depend on your eye condition and your lifestyle. Different contact lenses help against various kinds of power defects and also suit particular needs. You should, therefore, consult your optician about buying thebest contact lenses in Indiaas per your individual needs.

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  1. Who can Wear Contact Lenses?

Everyone can wearcontact lenses for eyesightor fashion purpose except those who may have had repeated eye infections or others who suffer from severe any allergic reactions.

  1. Can I wash my face with contacts on?

No, you should not put yourcontact lenses while washing yourface. It is because doing so exposes your lenses to tap water which may cause you an eye infection.

  1. Are Daily Contacts better than monthly?

In case of monthly contact lenses, traces often remain, especially towards the end of its wear time.It may lead to infections or redness in the eye. On the other hand, using daily contactssaves you from such issues. Therefore, the more often you replace yourcontacts, thebetterit is for your eye health.

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